Cargo outturn & hatch opening survey

We carry out Cargo outturn and Hatch Opening Survey especially for Steel Products.


Flag state inspection

We carry out flag state inspections on behalf of Malta Maritime Authority, Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry, International Registries Inc. (Marshall Islands), Vanuatu Maritime Authority and Barbados Ship Registry.


Draft Survey

We offer Draft Surveys in all Quebec ports.


Bunker survey

We carry out bunker survey for ship owners and charterers.


Pre-Charter/purchase inspection

We carry out vessel’s evaluation and prepare final detailed report, which reflect the vessel’s actual condition to enable the principals to make important decisions on the facts presented to them.


Water tightness survey

As the demand for Ultrasonic Leak detector is growing, which almost became an essential part of P&I Club Entry Survey, the company has an approved Ultrasonic Leak Detector Machine Cargo Safe, made by Class International Limited, U.K, (Approved by A.B.S).


Cargo survey & inspections

We inspect cargo prior to and during loading and also supervise loading & securing of cargo and also attend discharging operations.


Cargo loss control

We witness shore and ship gauging prior to and after operations, calculate cargo quantities, compare and analyze ship/shore cargo transferred quantities.


Container Survey

We offer pre-shipment inspection & container on-off hire survey.


Cargo operations

We ensure that the cargo operations are carried out safely and efficiently. We offer solutions to minimize delays, ensure that the vessel’s staff utilizes the vessel’s equipment to its maximum performance potential.


Internal safety management & security audit

We are only company in Quebec who offers Internal Safety Management & Security Audit


Grain calculations

We carry out "Grain Calculation" on behalf of Master/Vessel which is to be presented to the "Port Warden" for obtaining "Readiness to load Certificate for Grain Cargo".


Vetting inspection/ P&I club entry survey

We conduct vetting inspection to ascertain cargoworthiness and seaworthiness in Canadian ports.


Container damage survey

We have vast experience in Container damage survey of different commodities. We represent local shipping companies and cargo underwriters in Montreal to conduct container damage survey.


CICA (Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodation)

Certificate for Panamanian Flag vessel on behalf of "Panama Marine Surveys & Certification Services (PMSCS)


Fruit Surveys

Antares Marine Consultants Inc. provides inspection & quality control on fruits & vegetables. Our surveyors inspect fruits and vegetables consignments on a regular basis


Hold Cleaning Supervision

Antares Marine Consultants provides knowledge and expertise to the Ship’s Crew & Shore Cleaning Company in cleaning Cargo Holds (CFIA & USDA Grain cleaning standards). With our extensive industry experience we can tackle every type of cleaning job, including removing scale and rust from hold walls and hatch covers (all types) and floors.


Bunker Detective Survey

We are experts finding wrongly declared Bunkers and have found so far worth about $ 5 Million, U.S.


Hold Condition Survey

We performed more than 1000 Condition Surveys of different types of vessels. We carry out surveys, supplemented by the photographs which avoids disputes between concerned parties.